Enjoy an active vacation in Zeeland, or visit cultural highlights. Discover nature or stroll through small towns and villages. From your holiday home you can enjoy it all as you please. Anything is possible in Zeeland.


Your own bungalow, villa, apartment or holiday home. Summer, spring, autumn or winter, in Zeeland you will find activities all year round. Hike through the dunes, the woods or on the beach. Or rent a bicycle and make day trips. Visit our nature reserves and feel the salty sea breeze. Visit remarkable places like the Delta Storm Surge, Neeltje Jans or Haamstede Castle.

“A vacation in Zeeland is a good idea for everyone!”

Zeeland offer a vast choice of holiday stays. As a couple or with family and friends. Homes with plenty of rooms are available. As are special bungalows for the disabled guests. When required, assistance can be arranged for you.

Een eigen huis

Het ultieme vakantiegevoel begint met rustig op eigen tempo wakker worden en ontbijten. Niet meer aan tijden gebonden. Voel u vrij in een compleet uitgerust vakantiehuis in Zeeland.

Nothing feels more like vacation than easy mornings and good breakfast. Not rushed by time or schedules. Enjoy ultimate freedom and privacy in a fully equipped Zeeland holiday home. Spend quality time with friends and family in your own way. Enjoy the sun on the beach or stroll along the coast. Have a barbecue at night and sip a glass of wine accompanied by local delicacies. Holiday parks are situated in tranquil areas. A shopping trip to the city is never far away.


A comfortable or luxurious apartment overlooking the water. A holiday house in the dunes within walking distance from the beach. Or a special place in one of the monumental buildings. There are always plenty of options for self-catered accommodation throughout Zeeland. Stay at a nice villa in one of the many holiday parks for the ultimate experience of freedom and comfort. The North Sea, the Eastern Scheldt or the Grevelingen. Any location in Zeeland is surrounded by water. Plan your day trips according to your wishes. Discover Zeeland and its people and all that the province has to offer.